Our methodology.


With the twofold aim of supporting executives and ensuring a relationship of transparency with clients, at QMT we have developed our own methodology: The Axes of Progress®. It enables us to further reinforce the talent of our Interim Managers and helps them to carry out their assigned project more effectively. Our methodology facilitates detailed planning, the early identification of risks, effective execution and knowledge transfer.

The Axes of Progress®


Where we are
and where we want to be

  • Necessary liquidity.
  • How much do my products cost?
  • Quick wins.
  • Sales process.
  • Technological resources.
  • Human Resources.


What we need
to get there

  • Financial.
  • People and knowledge.
  • Equipment / technical.
  • Technology.


How we
go about it

  • Waves of change. Where do we start?
  • ‘What if?’ scenarios.
  • Supervisory and monitoring tools.
  • Execute.

We work with “realistic optimism”,
and we get positive results.

Advantages for
the company

  • Clear work plan: 10% analysis and 90% execution in a typical project.
  • Set schedule.
  • Lower risks and fewer uncertainties.
  • Ability to react to unexpected events.
  • Transparency.

Advantages for
the manager

  • Overall vision of the project.
  • Clear focus.
  • Teamwork oriented.
  • Involve staff in interim work.
  • Reduce execution time.

in terms of quality
and timeframe.