Is interim management the service I need?

Our interim management model allows us to incorporate temporarily top senior managers in the company who bring previous experience in similar situations. An experience that is currently not available in the company. Additionally, they are experts in team leadership and change management. Altogether this allows us to accelerate the projects of our clients, reduces the risks, and thus maximizes the return on investment.

We seek to generate a positive impact on the profit & loss account, acting on levers of organic business growth, profitability increase, cost reduction, improvements in the financing structure, M&A, etc. We work on any project that seeks to take advantage of the opportunities and improve the company’s competitive position.

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How is the selection process performed? Is there a cost?

We have an extensive network of collaborators that we manage actively to provide our clients with experts in any industry. They cover all the functions represented in the governing bodies. Internationally, we are partners for Spain of SMW Interim. This association of interim management companies allows us to make available more than 100,000 executives to our clients, on all continents.

Thanks to these strengths, our selection process is swift. We usually present within 15 days candidates with the requested experience, who are immediately available and who are interested in the project. In emergencies, we have been able to reduce that timeframe to a few days. Our customer does not incur in costs until he interviews the candidates and selects the one deemed most appropriate.

Will I find suitable candidates quickly?

At QMT, we know that speed is essential to generate competitive advantages or to deal with complex situations. That is why we actively manage our network of collaborators. We seek to understand their abilities, the conditions in which they have successfully worked, and their motivations. Besides, we confirm all of this with independent references. Altogether allows us to select suitable candidates, who are strongly motivated and are available within two weeks, on an average.

The degree of satisfaction of our customers is very high. According to the  State of Opinion on Interim Management in Spain 2019, developed by the “Instituto Empresarial de Interim Management”, of which we are founding partners, 88% of customers have not experienced difficulties in finding a valid candidate.

Is it more expensive to hire an interim manager than a fixed manager?

These are different processes, which must pursue other objectives.

Interim managers lead a critical situation for the company. To do this, they must provide significant value from the beginning for a specific time. They are usually over-qualified, and that condition allows to maximize results, reduce risks and the duration of their work. As their assignment is temporary, the company will not suffer an increase in headcount and personnel costs. It also will not be necessary to integrate into the organization, nor to propose ongoing projects. The price of hiring, both in time and in money, is much lower than that of a full-time employee. The cost of finding, negotiating, formalizing, maintaining, managing and terminating the collaboration is a fraction of what it is for a permanent executive, and it is an investment which usually delivers an adequate return.

Hiring a fixed manager must reconcile the needs of the company with its remuneration and organizational policy in the short, medium and long term. Its cost consists, typically, of fixed compensation, variable, social security, social benefits, training and development.

How does QMT work during the project?

QMT takes an active role in the execution of the project until its completion. Continuous support of the company and the interim manager is part of our work.

To assure this, QMT has developed his methodology “The Axes of Progress” ®. This methodology aims to facilitate planning, execution, decision-making, and the orderly transfer of knowledge. It allows for achieving extraordinary performance.

It is structured around three axes: planning, execution and knowledge transfer.

This methodology provides clear benefits for clients and interim managers: it focuses on implementation, it increases transparency, generates trust, facilitates company knowledge and integration, organizes work, optimizes the use of resources, and enables project continuity after the end of the interim management period.

You can learn more about our The Axes of Progress methodology ®

What happens if the interim manager does not fit in or does not fulfil expectations?

QMT only incorporates reliable, proactive and profitable interim managers into its network. The selection process aims to identify the competencies, motivations and management skills of each executive. Besides, we validate all these aspects with independent references.

All this allows us to propose to each client, managers with previous experience in a similar situation, who are motivated to participate in their project, and with proven skills in change management.

Finally, the customer is the one who selects the interim manager.  The successful candidate will be one who, in addition to meeting the requested requirements, has a greater affinity with the company culture.

Our customer’s satisfaction degree is very high, according to the  State of Opinion on Interim Management in Spain, 2019.

Will I meet my goals?

The success of a project depends on several factors: (i) adequate diagnosis, (ii) clear and realistic objectives, although demanding, (iii) involvement of the entire organization, (iv) sufficient allocation of resources, (v) correct definition of the interim manager profile, and vi) efficient monitoring oriented to early risks identification and decision making.

All these factors must be worked in a coordinated manner by the client, the interim manager and QMT. QMT’s selection process and its methodology, “The Axes of Progress”,âinclude these factors and enable their conversion into levers of success.

However, suppose during the execution of a project, the client considers that the interim manager has not the appropriate profile or he cannot deliver the expected results. In that case, QMT looks for a new interim manager at no additional cost.

Do I hire a manager from my industry or a different one?

To bring about real change, and improve competitive capacity, new ideas need to be incorporated. Also, the interim manager must be able to understand the business model and the culture of the company at an accelerated pace and add value from day one.

To do this, QMT incorporates in the selection process the experience that the client needs, the motivation of interim managers and their management skills. Best candidates are those who have already successfully overcome a similar situation to that faced by the client.

In our experience, managers from other industries double the likelihood of success.  This statement is not only a consequence of our expertise at QMT. There are also empirical studies that corroborate this. To read more about this, visit  Managers from different sectors double the likelihood of success.

How do I continue to develop my project once the interim manager contract finishes his assignment?

The orderly transfer of knowledge is one of the elements contemplated in our methodology “The Axes of Progress”.® We propose to our customers working together this point from the beginning to obtain optimal results.

The interim manager must manage the most intense phase of transformation, in which more experience, leadership and change management skills are essential. Once completed, the company will, generally, require a less qualified leader to manage the day-to-day.

Each customer must define the strategy for continuity that best suits their needs and resources. For example, in our projects we have: (i) coached people with high development potential, (ii) come to the market to incorporate a new manager, and lead the onboarding process, and (iii) developed specific policies and procedures.

Can I incorporate the interim manager to my workforce after the project is complete?

An interim management project does not aim at the continuity of the professional in the company. It happens very few times. Besides, the objectives and work of an interim manager are different from those of a permanent employee.

QMT does not prevent the possibility of the interim manager joining the company after the end of its contract, but we certainly do not pursue it.  The agreement we sign regulates it expressly. However, except in certain situations, we do not recommend hiring an interim manager with the initial idea of incorporating it permanently afterwards.

What collaborative models do you propose for private equity funds?

In the case of Private Equity funds, given the temporary nature of their investments, each can be considered a transformation project in itself, which execution requires flexibility. Within this project, we can offer an interim phase first. It can continue later in one of permanent nature. On the other hand, there are specific highly specialized collaborations, usually under the figure of Senior Advisor, with dedication on demand, that can be initiated in interim mode and continue with a bilateral relationship with the fund. In both cases, if the fund prefers, we can carry out a process of managers recruiting without initial interim modality.

Can I extend or reduce the execution time of a project?

The implementation time is an estimate made together by the client and QMT. It depends on the objectives, the changes to implement, and the available resources.

This initial estimate may vary as a result of detailed planning agreed in the first phase of the project, or as a result of unexpected internal or external circumstances.

At QMT, we consider that the duration of a project should match the customer’s needs. Even whether they change during the execution, for this reason, our services are flexible.

What do interim management customers value?

According to the State of Opinion on Interim Management in Spain 2019, prepared by the Instituto Empresarial de Interim Management, of which we are founders, the costumers value the following:

  1. For 44%, the main advantage is to have experience/seniority for a given project. It allows incorporating capabilities that the company does not have and increases efficiency in change management.
  2. 30% value the speed in the implementation of solutions.
  3. 14% stand out that it allows undertaking projects with an established end date.

Other advantages mentioned were: (i) hiring flexibility, variable costs, (ii) fresh vision, from outside, objectivity, (iii) access to talent with less risk, and (iv) possibility of incorporation into a workforce.

Why should I contract with QMT?
  1. We help take advantage of opportunities, time is critical, and we know how to manage it.
  2. We strengthen the management team for as long as necessary.
  3. We seek to improve financial results, reduce risks and shorten execution time.
  4. We get involved in every project; our clients’ goals are ours.
  5. We have a registered methodology that allows us to achieve the goals.
  6. We are specialists in interim management, with almost two decades of success.
  7. We have excellent executives and better interim managers.
  8. We carry out projects tailored to each client.
  9. We are agile; we guarantee the start in a few weeks.
  10. Our values are independence, objectivity, and discretion.

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