Our Interim Management service is carefully tailored to each and every situation – and we see continuous interaction between client, executive and QMT as key to success.

We live in a fast-changing environment in which business models need to be constantly reinvented every few months. It is easy to see why companies are eager to form part of ecosystems that enable them to integrate technology and new business concepts quickly and seamlessly so as to boost competitiveness. In a management environment, companies need to have experienced executive talent if they are to take advantage of opportunities as they arise. We offer a profitable formula that complements existing management teams by bringinging on board specific skills or simply by reinforcing their effectiveness when it comes to execution. This is a cutting-edge service: it is one that incorporates not only new functions, but also the concept of real partnership with the management team – and one that is at all times geared toward profitable growth.

Areas of



Global management

Business growth, internationalization and transformation
  • Execution of a strategic plan.
  • Launch of business line.
  • Opening of new markets and sales channels.
  • Reorientation of the business.
  • Digital transformation.
Operational improvements and restructuring
  • Scalability to face growth.
  • Implementation of a supervisory and reporting system.
  • Automation.
  • Organizational restructuring of an area or business.
  • Optimization of purchases, production, sales and other functional areas.
  • Execution of a cost-savings plan.
  • Financial restructuring.
  • Closure of production units or businesses.
Corporate situations
  • Analysis of investments and growth options.
  • M&A: Due Diligence Coordination / Negotiation / Integration or segregation of businesses.
  • Issue of capital or debt.
  • Practical improvements to corporate governance.
  • Corporate communication.
Replacement of managers
  • Dismissal, resignation or temporary leave.
  • Period until position is permanently filled.
  • Start of projects.
  • Contribution of specific professional skills.
  • Succession plan.
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Service plans:
Business Partner, Substitution and
New Post.

Complementary solutions

These new services complement our core interim management business, through which we help our clients take advantage of opportunities as they arise, quickly and flexibly incorporating experienced executive talent who deliver outstanding performance.


Incorporation of executives with extensive experience to participate in advisory councils, analysis of investment opportunities, and other business initiatives that require highly specialized talent. It is a service especially aimed at venture capital funds and growing or transforming companies. They are generally short-term projects that require total or partial participation by the executives and in which the execution is the responsibility of the company. This characteristic has a favorable impact on the cost of the project and, therefore, on its profitability.

Selection of long term posiitons

Service aimed at clients who need to equip their fixed structure with experienced executives. QMT, thanks to the close relationship it maintains with its network of collaborators, makes expert managers, interested in long-term involvement in the client’s project and with immediate availability, available to its clients in a few days.