Business Development Director

A well-known company in semi-luxury products asks QMT to provide a Business Development Director to explore the opportunity to enter the retail travel channel. The company has been selling in this channel “by accident” and considers that there are big opportunities to expand rapidly.

To increase the possibility of success, the company hires an interim manager with extensive experience in travel retail sales. This gives them the advantage of going fast, but also the flexibility to abandon the project in case it doesn’t work out as expected.

QMT solution

The Director of Business Development (interim manager) identifies two groups of customers that are considered as a priority: airlines and cruise ships.

Initially, the Company participates in the most important international retail travel exhibition. There, contacts are established with the most relevant operators in the industry. The products are adapted and designed exclusively for these customers.

The two target markets are the United States and Europe. In order to better serve the cruise market, an office is opened in Fort Lauderdale FL (USA), where a Key Account Manager is hired. Another Key Account Manager is also hired in Europe for the airline industry.


The interim manager achieves his goals and the project is quickly a great success. After a year, the business is well established and is highly profitable.

Once the interim manager completes his mission, the company hires a new Business Development Director who continues to grow the business. The travel retail is currently one of the pillars of the company.

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