Chief Information Officer

A company in the FMCG market asks QMT for an interim manager as Chief Information Officer to replace the current one. The sitting CIO refused to adapt his area to the strategic plan approved by the Board of Director. He did not want to support the transformation the company needs.

Because of this attitude the company fires the CIO and hires an interim manager with extensive experience in digital transformation, for 24 months.

QMT solution

The CIO (interim manager) defines a digital transformation plan aligned with the new strategic plan and determines the implementation phases.

From an organizational point of view, he designs the structure of the information and the technology department, adapts the human team and reviews the required competencies of the team. As a result, some of the staff is replaced and a training plan is organised for others.

Results after 24 months

After the 24-month duration of the project, the interim manager achieved virtually all of the objectives, which was a very significant step forward for the company.

At the end of the project, a new Chief Information Officer is hired to continue the strategic plan.

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