International Business Director

A Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) company asks QMT to incorporate an interim manager as International Business Director.

The company has a product line with an excellent position in the Spanish market. However, for years the company has been trying to export without success. It does not pass the phase of filling the distributor’s warehouse and there is hardly any repetition of orders. With the aim of relaunching the international area, an interim manager was hired for two years.

QMT solution

First, the Director of International Business (interim manager) makes a selection of markets, forgetting the traditional ones of the EU because of their maturity and increased competition. The company focusses on less known but very interesting markets elsewhere in the world. The right partners were found in these countries after a rigorous selection.

In each country a work plan is designed in 3 steps:

  • To work with the dealer to get to know the products well and know how to sell them (6 months).
  • To work with the sales channels, with the aim of getting the best possible attention and position in the store (8 months).
  • Implementation of the consumer-facing marketing plan (4 months).

Results after 24 months

The results that were achieved by the interim manager were highly satisfactory. The internationalization strategy designed and implemented was a success. It produced a significant acceleration of sales in its last phase, the market penetration is high and marketing resources have a significant return.

Finally, the interim manager transfers the project to the new Director of the International Area, who continues it successfully.

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