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SAP implementation in a European Chemical Company

An American group acquired the subsidiary of a European chemical company. This group would like to cover the Spanish market, where it was not yet present. As part of the integration, the Spanish subsidiary had to implement SAP, but due to lack of experience and the haste, the project failed. The biggest challenges were in the implementation of the FiCo module.

QMT solution

An interim QMT manager with a lot of experience in SAP implementations and finance reorganizes the process and re-parameterizes the system. The main tasks performed were as follows:

      1. Process reengineering.
      2. Optimization and definition of procedures.
      3. Planning and capturing local requirements.
      4. Delivery of configuration specific to Spain.
      5. Performing trials and subsequent commissioning.
      6. Support the Chief Financial Officer in Spain to modify accounting aspects and tax reports affected by the change.
      7. Reorganization of the equipment and functions within the financial area.
      8. SOX implementation.
      9. Update of corporate reporting.

After nine months, the financial area worked as expected. The Interim manager fully implemented SAP and achieved the results, information, and agility sought.

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