Chief Marketing Officer

A company in the FMCG market asks QMT for an interim manager as Chief Marketing Officer to relaunch its product range and reorganize the marketing department. Previously a new business plan was made for the division in Spain, but there was nobody in the company who had the experience and the skills to implement it.

QMT solution

The Chief Marketing Officer (interim manager) designs, within the business plan, a new approach and positioning with a value proposition adapted to the current market situation, which contains the following elements:

    • Establishment of new prices aligned with the target market segment.
    • Restyling of the packaging.
    • Elaboration of a comprehensive communication plan by selecting the most suitable media mix: press, television, social media, influencers.
    • As part of the launch, presentations were made to retail retailers to get their support. A comprehensive plan for trade marketing is presented to them.
    • Definition of a new organizational structure of the marketing department and identification of new necessary competencies. As a result, some collaborators are replaced and a training plan for others is executed.

Results after 12 months

The interim manager achieves his goals and the project is very successful After a year the sales results were aligned with those established in the business plan.

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